Omori is on a roll

As we were watching Pirch, Omori rolled back into the area as did several other anglers. After fishing patiently for five or ten minutes, Omori hooked up with what appeared to be a pretty sizable bass. He battled it to the front of the boat, where it boiled the surface and then back toward the cockpit area. On light line, you try to steer the bass, but ultimately, it takes the lead.


After a short battle, Omori got his hands on the fish and pulled it into the boat. From here, it looked like a good one, and could have been pushing four pounds. He sat down for some time to cull and edges a little closer to Pirch.


Omori's Marshal is having a heck of a tournament - you can't miss his spiky hair sticking up through his hats  in the photo galleries. He was out with Chris Lane yesterday when he had a great day and now he gets to witness Omori's strong charge. Maybe it's a good luck charm, that hair.


Photo courtesy of Doomie.

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