What's the tide doing? Swindle doesn't care

If you’ve ever listened to a professional angler explaining how to fish a tidal situation and wondered what the heck he was talking about, then you have to appreciate the way Gerald Swindle has fished this tournament.


He’s done the tidal thing in past events. But after quickly realizing how hard the tide is to decipher on Chesapeake Bay, he just decided to ignore it.


“When it comes to running the tides and figuring out the tides, I just don’t have time for it,” Swindle saidSaturday. “That stuff gets in people’s heads. If you were in a place where there was a good pattern you could run, it would be different. But here, there’s just too much dead water in between the good areas.


“I just quit thinking about it. If a tree’s sticking up, I flip it. If a tree’s under water, I flip over it.”


So basically, he’s fishing this event the same way he’d fish many of the lakes and rivers back in his home state of Alabama, where the tide is almost never a factor.


Since BASSTrakk has him in fifth place right now, I’d say it’s been a good decision.