Pipkens: The fish whisperer

Chad Pipkens can indeed talk the fish out of the water. I know because I just watched it happen.


I just sent a blog post with a snarky little comment at the end about how his talking to the fish hadn't worked yet, but I'd let you know if it did.


I hit send on that email. Pipkens then said, loudly, "READY!!" And he immediately hooked up.


The people in the five spectator boats and the few people on the bank (plus one guy wading waist-deep in the water) were all cheering.


"At least I have one to weigh in," said Pipkens.


"Is it a pound?" I asked.


"I hope so!" he answered. "But I was hoping it looked bigger from where you are."


After a couple more casts, he packed up and moved on to the other side of the marina.