Martens' struggles reminiscent of Ike at Guntersville

There’s a lot of fishing left, and it won’t surprise me at all if Aaron Martens still pulls this one out of the fire.


But for now, the situation seems eerily reminiscent of the event we had on Guntersville back in April.


Michael Iaconelli led the first three days of that tournament, but he just never seemed confident that he’d located enough fish to last for four days. On Day 4, we saw why.


I followed Ike with one of the blog teams on that final day, and his most exciting moments involved a 20-pound catfish and a 10-pound drum. By noon – though he was still fishing plenty hard – he seemed all but beaten.


Aaron’s a lot harder to read than Ike, so I can’t really say if he was nervous going into this final day on Chesapeake Bay. But he certainly didn’t seem to have the confidence of man with a 5-pound cushion after leading the first three days.


Ike’s collapse opened the door for Skeet Reese to win on Guntersville. It’ll be interesting to see if Aaron rebounds or if a final-day fall creates a golden opportunity for Bill Lowen.