Short’s big hyper jump

Kevin Short grabs hold of one of his best bass today ... and all week. -- James Overstreet photo


Count Kevin Short as a fan of the Second Chance. If he holds on and makes the top 10 after today’s weigh-in, he will have the highest climb. Really more like a hyper jump.


After two days on Kentucky Lake, Short stood in 122nd place, only two notches from dead last. That runs true to his history there.


“I cannot catch a break on Kentucky Lake,” he told Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona on Bassmaster LIVE. He went on to mention some of his close misses here, "52nd, 54th, 56th."


But now he’s in second on the unofficial BASSTrakk and could be on his way to turning around his fortunes. He would start Saturday with his 1-11 weight he accumulated over two days. That's only around 50 pounds behind leader Edwin Evers.


Other climbers who look like they’re ready to make the hyper jump include Paul Mueller (115th) and Chad Wiley (103rd), both in the current cut.


 “I might be the dead last boat to take off, so I might sit at the dock and eat breakfast with my wife,” Short told the LIVE crew. “I have been running north, which hasn’t worked for me. Tomorrow, I may run south. Try my luck and see what happens. I just hope I get to play."


Here’s the 1:30 update, with minimal changing, and time running out. See you at the weigh-in.

Randy Howell 5, 18-5

Kevin Short 5, 14-12

Terry Scroggins 5, 14-10

Brian Clark 5, 14-1

Chad Wiley 5, 13-14

Scott Rook 5, 13-12

Greg Vinson 4, 12-8

Koby Krieger 5, 12-3

Paul Mueller 5, 12-2

Shaw Grigsby 5, 12-1

Alton Jones 5, 11-6

James Niggemeyer 4, 11-4

Cliff Pace 5, 11-3

Randy Allen 5, 11-0

Cliff Crochet 5, 11-0

Zell Rowland 5, 10-14

Gary Clouse 5, 9-13

Troy Broussard 5, 9-8

Rick Clunn 5, 9-8

Chris Lane 5, 9-2

Jared Miller 5, 9-2

Kevin Hawk 5, 9-0

Mike McClelland 4, 8-14

Casey Ashley 5, 8-12

Cliff Prince 5, 8-7