Powroznik crushed by Friday's delay

Jacob Powroznik's first Bassmaster Classic appearance will probably haunt him as one that got away. Powroznik was dialed-in on the early-morning bite at Lake Hartwell. He was off the water at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday's practice day after getting 9 bites in a short amount of time.


But when Friday's start was delayed because of the cold, Powroznik lost his prime time. He finished in 25th place 4 bass weighing 9-2.


"All the bait goes in these drains and the backs of the pockets at night because it's the warmest water in the lake," he said. "Then when the sun comes up, the first thing they do is retreat.


"That's why it's so crucial to go fishing first thing in the morning. That deal (Friday) just killed me. I know I could have caught 15 or 16 pounds. If I do that, I'm right in this thing."


Powroznik made those comments after weighing in a 15-0 limit Saturday that moved him up to 19th place. He liked his prospects for today, when the overcast conditions were forecast.


"I can catch 20 pounds if everything goes exactly right," Powroznik said. "It's supposed to be cloudy, so it's going to be a good time."


Apparently, it has been exactly that today for Powroznik, who may have close to 20 pounds. But he started too far in the hole to have a realistic shot to win. He'll remember the late start Friday for a long, long time.