More Hartwell Classic fishing factoids

Okay bass fans, here's some miscellany I've uncovered in my Bassmaster Classic prep – no particular order. Usually I circulate these to a select few people, but this time I'm sharing with you too. Hope you enjoy.




> Looking at past Hartwell multi-day tournaments this time of year, no matter what the field size is (smaller Classic field or full FLW Tour field), weights go down overall each day. Sometimes limits can even be tough to come by. In other words, as is always the case in Classics, coming out of the gates big will be huge.


> That said, Hartwell's main lake fish roam. So a big bag one day is no guarantee of a big bag the next day.


> Typically the winner on Hartwell wins by a substantial margin: 3 to 10 pounds. Don't expect a tight tournament at the top.


Spotted bass


> Doesn't matter how big the spotted bass get in Hartwell. Spots will figure into the winning limit, but largemouths just weigh more and will be needed to win.