Late-start blues

With the start of competition delayed by an hour or hour and a half, the Classic anglers are, of course, complaining about lost fishing time. I saw Skeet Reese as he was fueling up at Starbucks early this morning. He didn't appreciate the extra hour of sleep. "We're missing the early bite," he said. He wasn't referring to the topwater flurry at daylight, of course, not with the temperature at 11 degrees.


Terry Scroggins explained the comment. "Early in the morning, these fish rise up on creek channel bends at 5-10 feet, and you can catch them until the sun gets high. After that, they go deep."


"Then, it gets real slow," added Marty Robinson, an Elite angler who's very familiar with Lake Hartwell. "You have to fish deep, and you're constantly having to dip your rod in the water to melt the off your guides. It's slow fishing and you don't have much time."

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