Iaconelli: Being candid or creating a diversion?

Because he has one of the more confident, over-the-top personalities on the Bassmaster circuit, you have to wonder if there wasn't more to Michael Iaconelli's meeting with the press after Saturday's round of the Classic than just a simple question-and-answer session.


Think about it.


When asked how much he could say about how he's catching his fish, Texas pro and first-place angler Takahiro Omori said, in broken English, "Not much."


Funny how his English goes in and out when he's asked that question.


When the same question was posed to second-place angler Dean Rojas, he said "I'm just fishing" and smiled like the cat that just swallowed the canary.


But when Iaconelli, the third-place angler, was asked, he performed a mini-seminar. Seriously, if you didn't read about it in last night's Classic gamer on Bassmaster.com, you should click here and check it out.


Now, I guess one of two things is possible:


First, Iaconelli could just be so confident that he believes he can win regardless of who knows what he's doing. Having followed his career for two decades, I'd buy that. But the other possibility was that he was just having some fun with us and trying to throw others off his scent. 


If you've followed his career at all, you'd probably believe that, too.


This is what makes the Classic fun - so many personalities and so much wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. As much as I can't wait to see who wins, I almost can't stand to see it end.