Herren in need of hair dryer

Matt Herren takes out after a short day on Lake Hartwell. But it was apparently fruitful, albeit wet. He said a wave swamped him and he needs to take a hair dryer to the areas so they’re not a frozen slick for Friday’s competition.


He did get plenty accomplished Wednesday. His Marshal, who points out that he lives only about five miles down the lake, showed off some pictures of several nice spotted bass Herren pulled from the depths.


“I have this one specific bait that they hit,” he said, offering no more info.


He said his day was spent mostly determining if the fish were still where he left them after the weekend three-day practice period. They were, he was happy to say.


Seven years ago, Alton Jones found the right pattern and right bait in the final hour of the final practice and went on to win the 2008 Classic here. Herren would like the same. He’s one who can't wait for Friday.