Hartwell Classic fishing factoids, part 3

Okay bass fans, here's some miscellany I've uncovered in my Bassmaster Classic prep – no particular order. Usually I circulate these to a select few people, but this time I'm sharing with you too. Hope you enjoy.




> Some anglers will try to win it shallow. Hartwell's docks hold fish year round, but probably not enough to win a multi-day tournament.


> If the docks get beat up, casting/presentation accuracy may be a factor – like it was for Andy Montgomery at last year's Norman Open (also an upland reservoir).


Grinding vs Burning


> The bite might be silly if someone gets on a big school. But the big schools there haven't been consistent in the past – they move. So the grinder who can find more consistent fish but fewer bites might be the guy to watch. In fact, that's exactly what Alton Jones did to win the last Hartwell Classic, in 2008.