Hartwell Classic fishing factoids

Okay bass fans, here's some miscellany I've uncovered in my Bassmaster Classic prep – no particular order. Usually I circulate these to a select few people, but this time I'm sharing with you too. Hope you enjoy.


Upland reservoirs


> Like all upland reservoirs, even in winter, the nastier the weather (which doesn't mean a cold front), the better Hartwell should fish. Rain, snow, wind = fish.


> All water bodies of the same type fish remarkably similarly no matter where they are in the country: In this waypoint age, lots of people forget that. Anyhow, the guys who do well on upland reservoirs generally should do well here...like "game face" Cliff Pace. He won the 2013 Classic on Grand Lake, another upland reservoir, and finished second to Alton Jones in 2008 on Hartwell.


> Upland reservoirs are the best water type to run a pattern on. That doesn't mean competitors won't be hole-sitting. It just opens up a lot more of the lake.