Contenders preparing for an icy morning

The contenders are preparing for an icy morning by making equipment adjustments and doing anything they can to try to gain an edge on this bitterly cold morning.


Brett Hite was spraying Real Magic on his line guides as he waited for takeoff this morning.


"It's going to happen no matter what, but maybe this makes it where you only have to clear ice every 10 casts instead of every five," Hite said. "We are just looking for anything that makes it more efficient out here."


Mike McClelland switched reels on several of his rods, electing a new reel by his sponsor Cabela's that he thinks will give him an advantage against the ice.


"I switched over to the new Cabela's with the T-bar that will keep the level wind from freezing as bad," he said. "There's not just a lot of stuff you can do. Just sweep your rod in the water and knock off the ice in between casts."


McClelland said he expects the icy conditions to affect the anglers more than the fish, but reigning angler of the year Greg Hackney isn't so sure that's the case.


"Really? Think about that," he said. "These guys like to say that because they're all positive thinkers. But it hasn't been above freezing for days. How is that not going to affect the bite? If it warmed up to 75, don't you think that would affect the bite?"


Hackney said his preparation for the cold was dedicating Wednesday's practice to a fishing method that he believes will lessen the ice's impact.


He also said he thinks it's a method that will win the tournament. Of course, he's not saying much else. Hopefully we will find out more about that later.