Swindle throws No. 5 back

G stuck his limit fish on a jerkbait, but once he landed it, his face told the story. It was hooked outside of the mouth, and he threw it back.


The law in Wisconsin states all fish must be hooked inside the mouth to be legally kept.


The law was originally implemented to eliminate "snagging" for salmon. However, it's been applied to all species here and it's an archaic rule that should be changed.


Especially when using a jerkbait in smallmouth waters, it'll happen regularly. Smallies will swipe at a lure and sometimes miss by centimeters, thus getting hooked funny.


Swindle knows the rules and made the right call.


James Overstreet shot the photo that clearly caught Swindle's raw emotion. He was disappointed.


He's still after his fifth bass of the day.


There's time.