Watching Davis, shout-out to our buds

Mark Davis is starting where he began his day Thursday. Steve Bowman and I had a considerably easier time finding him today. There was no fog  and considerably less smoke on the water, but the smoke from a controlled burn appears to be increasing by the minute. Davis signaled that he's caught three today, and he's making a short move to another spot.


We're operating a bit short-handed. Our new bassin' buds aren't here. We met Blake Rambin and Trent James on the lake yesterday - two avid bass  fishermen from Port Arthur,  Texas, who had a day off and wanted to spend it  watching the Elite Series pros. They volunteered to be an extra set of eyes for us in the limited visibility, and did a great job of calling and text messaging to let us know who-was-where and what they were catching.


They are another testament to the number of really good people who follow this  sport with a passion. Work and fishing tournaments will prevent their return to Toledo Bend this week, but they'll definitely be following this blog. Miss you, guys, and thanks for the help.


Photo by Steve Bowman. Trent James on the left and Blake Rambin on the right.

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