Powroznik smoked out of his hole

Jacob Powroznik just got smoked out of the area where he'd seen a big bass on a spawning bed. He was working a spawning bed - not the one with the lunker on it - when he put his rod down and pulled the trolling motor up, saying, "I can't see in this crap."


James Overstreet and were glad to hear it. Has anyone ever died from smoke inhalation on a lake? That's the latest thought running through the minds of us two scientific rockets.


Powroznik headed south, stopped on some shallow grass, flipped it for a bit, and just now made another move south. It appears he's sticking to the plan stated earlier: Keeping moving and flipping milfoil until that bite-every-cast deal happens. While doing that, if he spots a good one on a spawning bed, he'll spend some time on it.

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