No practice time this week at Toledo

The flags were limp during the national anthem prior to today's take-off. After the anthem, Steve Kennedy acknowledged it was the first time all week he'd seen a  flag that wasn't flapping madly in the wind.


That's why in some ways there was no practice period at Toledo Bend. Thanks to a later than usual winter, there are still spawning beds all over this big lake on May 1. The wind has prevented these anglers from looking at a lot of the spawning beds. But they've been able to see enough to know that it's a rare option this week at Toledo Bend.


Bass will be caught in a wide variety of ways. But keep an eye on the sight fishers.


Speaking of that, Steve Bowman and I have put in a major creek arm this morning. The creek shall remain nameless for now. The first angler we saw was noted sight fisherman Shaw Grigsby. He already had a 3 3/4-pounder in the boat. He didn't catch it sight fishing. The sun is going to have to get higher in the sky and burn this fog off the water before that kicks in.

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