Davis for AOY!?

Mark Davis will lead the AOY race when the Elites leave Toledo Bend, and he'll have done it on one of the most impressive runs in B.A.S.S. history. With half a season left to go, he'll certainly be the front runner to claim fishing's most prestigious title, and you have to like his chances on Lake Dardanelle right there in his home state of Arkansas (thought he was 53rd the last time the Elites were there in 2009). Davis fishes well everywhere and has an enviable track record on all the venues left on the schedule. So what's his biggest obstacle? It might be age. Davis will be 51 years old later this year, and while fishing doesn't punish older participants the way stick-and-ball sports do, age certainly takes its toll over the course of a long season. If he wins, Davis will be the oldest AOY in history by a wide margin. Roland Martin was 45 when he last won the title in 1985.

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