McClelland moving up White River arm

When Mike McClelland started his day near Kimberling City, he told us he'd been fishing between there and Corps marker 19 in the White River arm of Table Rock Lake. So James Overstreet and I got out our lake map to find Point 19.


"I hope he doesn't have to go that far," Overstreet said, with a groan.


McClelland has been running-and-gunning for a few hours now. At 1 p.m. we followed him to his latest stop. Of course, it was Point 19. He caught a fish soon after pulling up there and it helped him cull up a couple of ounces. He has caught a dozen or so in the last three hours that didn't help him a bit.


Several of the final dozen pros in this tournament predicted at takeoff this morning it would be a bang-up day. A 10-mile-per-hour wind and overcast skies seemed like the formula for success on Table Rock. But so far today that hasn't happened.


McClelland caught another short fish and a rock while I was typing this. Yes, a rock.