Waiting For Mr. Goodbite

Bassmaster.com's Chris Mitchell and I are in the also-ran boat, hunting for anglers in the middle of the pack who aren't covered by the A-Team of Steve Wright and James Overstreet. We've found 'em nearby to Randy Howell, but we're not seeing much action. A stiiff tailwind just pushed us past Ott DeFoe, who has two fish this morning and is currently in 25th place. We're on the west side of Lake George, near Howell's hot spots and haven't seen a fish catch yet. Wrong time in the right place. DeFoe is looking for beds. I can tell because he's performing the sight fishing salute, holding one hand up to shade his eyes so he can see into the water. There's a significant ripple on the surface, and the sun's not high enough to make the beds glow yet.


Also in this area are Steve Kennedy (46), chunking and winding with a buzz frog, Timmy Horton (41), who is Power-Poled-down, working on a bedding fish.


Mitchell is frustrated at the lack of action. He's shooting the anglers with a long lens and can reach half a dozen pros right now. But there's not much to show for it. "I'm going to have a gallery of guys holding fishing rods this afternoon," he said. He needs to borrow some of the anglers' optimism. They're expecting a bite any minute, and we should feel that way, too.

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