Rojas in the weeds

Dean Rojas is picking apart a section of grassbeds on the north end of Lake George, pitching a tiny soft bait on a fairly heavy weight. The technique just netted him a keeper that was close enough to compare to the smallest fish in his limit. It wasn't possible to tell whether he culled with the new one or not. If so, it couldn't have helped him much. BASSTrakk has him at 7th with 55-5. 


He's following the shoreline around Drayton Island and has the spot all to himself. He makes relatively long pitches into the mixture of grass and dollar pads, and he has to clean slime and weeds off his lure after almost every cast. It's slow fishing -- he moves 10 or 15 yards ahead, lowers his Power-Poles, and makes a half-dozen casts before raising anchor and inching forward. 


His patience has finally run out. After boating that little keeper, he pulled up stakes and wheeled toward Lake George. I'm glad I'm not his marshal. The big lake has gotten rough since we first crossed it. I took it slow coming out just a little while ago, but Elite Pros don't have that speed as an option. It's all-out or idle for them.

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