One for the bird

Steve Kennedy just now missed a strike on a buzz toad, which he's skittering across the pads and mats here on the west side of George. He instantly anchored and began saturating the vicinity of the strike with a soft plastic flipping bait. No second chances here. We're anchored in what used to be polite distance from the competitors. Now, several have moved toward us, almost encircling our boat. 

Pete Ponds pointed ahead of his boat and announced, "That bird just caught himself a fish!" Jared Miller, just to our right, quipped, "He's beatin' me." It's that slow.
Chris Mitchell added, "First fish catch I've seen today." And he didn't get the photo.

Kennedy is sitting on his front deck, almost as if he's on a sandwich break. Actually, he's seated to keep his profile low while he soaks a soft plastic in a bass bed. Maybe we'll see some action shortly.

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