Hite swings and misses

We sneaked in on Davy Hite (5th with 57-8) just in time to see him haul back in response to a strike. He missed -- or the fish did -- and his momentum caused Hite to dance halfway to the stern. Only his agility kept him from going overboard. The fish that caused the near-mishap must have stayed put, for Hite went right back to pitching toward the bed. 

After letting his boat drift to within 10 feet of his target, Hite studied it, and then used a push pole to move a more discreet distance away. It's obviously a big fish for him to spend so much time trying to coax it into biting. With 19 pounds in the well, he's still more than 18 pounds behind Chris Lane, so he has little chance of taking over the pole going into Sunday's final round. But a giant bass -- if this is one -- would move him closer to striking distance and certainly add a few thousand to his payday.