Hill is on the hunt

Kenyon Hill in his smartly wrapped Smith & Wesson Triton just trolled slowly past our anchored blogger boat, casting ahead and downwind with a Zoom Speed Worm. That's a great presentation in Florida's waters, especially around eelgrass beds. One of the predecessors to the Speed Worm was the old Paddle Tail worm, and it's been deadly for decades. These worms have oversize paddle-shaped tails that wag and vibrate on a fast retrieve. Importantly, they snake easily through vegetation, even including lily pads, which are fairly plentiful in this part of the lake. Hill has little choice right now but to hunt for fish with a search bait. "It's hard to see with this wind right now," he complained. He hasn't caught anything with the Speed Worm today, but he boated a 5-pounder on the rig Friday.

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