A Crappie Catch

You see the coolest things on the water when you're following these people around for the Live Blog. A few minutes ago, as Chris Mitchell and I were leaving the spot where we'd found Rojas, we heard a huge splash and turned in time to see a small osprey dive-bomb the water. It came struggling to the surface with a fish it could barely handle. After several attempts, it lifted off with a 2-pound crappie, which it carried to its nest nearby. Mitchell put his camera on rapid-fire through the entire episode. Look for photos in the on-the-water gallery later today.


As I was recalling this, a bald eagle skimmed the water for a fish not far from our boat, while three other eagles circled above.


Speaking of birds, a jerk in a johnboat powerd by a Go-Devil motor just buzzed within 20 or 30 yards of Hite and the bed he's fishing. When I tried to wave him off, he waved back. I pointed toward Hite, and the boater looked at him, turned back toward me and showed me his middle finger. Classy.


Hite missed his spawner again, but he's not giving up. Unfortunately, we have to call it quits for the day. I hope he catches the fish he's working so hard for.