Catching up with Shaw

We've caught up with our Day 1 leader Shaw Grigsby. The first thing that struck me when we set down was — what a perfect set up.


We ran by several boats getting here, and Grigsby is tucked behind an island out of sight of virtually everyone; even the shadows, at least for now, are helping hide him. That could be a big key in this event. There's a lot of moving around taking place, and Grigsby has him a little hidey hole that is basically in sight of a lot of folks, but yet he's hidden.


That's pretty brilliant at the moment. We are sitting within 600 yards of a dozen boats and none of them can see him.


We don't know yet if he's caught anything. But he is putting on a clinic of sorts for the Bassmaster videographer in the boat.


I can just catch parts of it, but it's almost like I'm watching an episode of One More Cast.


He's laying out exactly what is happening with the fish on Seminole and why  he's catching them so good.


Can't wait to see that video. 

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