Lane's boat ablaze...for real

Chris Lane awoke to a call to move his truck and boat from the hotel parking lot as one of the angler's boats was on fire. It was his.


He watched in horror as the Russellville Fire Department attempted to put it out.


"They got the call at 2:02 a.m. and it was out by 2:20. It didn't want to go out," he said, adding the cause of the fire is being investigated. "I lost pretty much everything. Fortunately, nobody was hurt."


He can't say enough about everyone who helped him. He was at the launch with Fred Roumbanis' old boat, which now has Jodie Haralson's name on the wrap.


During launch, anglers were still offering him tackle. He thanked them and said he would be OK.


"The boat's a total loss. There's no reason to tow it home," he said.


Lane was still working on getting the electronics set up on the loaner as the last of the Elites blasted off.


"It is what it is. You have to make due," he said.

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