Jelvis is in the house

I have a little story that's worth sharing. First let me introduce Seigo Seito. He's a fantastic photographer who works for us on the Elite Series. He's creative and one of the hardest working guys on our crew. And by the way, he's Japanese, now living in Los Angeles, California.


Early in this tournament he was covering Greg Hackney and asked Greg's Marshal to move out of the way so he could get a cleaner photo.  A few  minutes later Greg asked his Marshal, "Do you know who that is? That's the Japanese Elvis." Perhaps Greg was paying respects to Seigo's ample sideburns. But then I learned Seigo actually dressed up as Elvis at a tournament a couple years ago.


Well in our boat we shortened Japanese Elvis to simply Jelvis. That's a high compliment here in the South.


Seigo, Jelvis, may you live long and prosper. And thanks for your great work for us.

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