Hackney makes another small cull

Greg Hackney has continued to pick apart this shallow, stump-filled cove just off the main river channel. Mostly he's throwing a Strike King chartreuse body, black back square-bill crankbait. But he's flipping the bank, too. That's how he just culled up a few ounces, on a flipping bite.


Hackney told us that the 4-pounder he caught in the mouth of the cove came on the square-bill. We weren't close enough to see that one. We did see that the 3-pounder he caught after that came on the crankbait.


On a personal note, I'm about to barf on my iPad. James Overstreet has been rocking the boat for the last 30 minutes. As soon as we get off one barely-underwater stump, we're on another one. I need one of those patches you stick behind your ear.

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