Clunn hoping his spot can pay off again

Rick Clunn has been fishing Lake Dardanelle in an Arkansas River classic style. He's built him a milk run in the Piney Creek area and it's obviously paid off.


In the day and a half we've been on him, we've watched him catch fish at every stop but one.


That fish-less spot is one of the many main-lake points in the bay. He's hit it four times today, more than any other spot. And we are back on it.


We have to assume Clunn has done some damage here in the past few days.  He obviously has a ton of confidence in it.


He's got about an hour left, to see if that is misled confidence or not.


Right now we expect this to be a really close derby. Clunn thinks he needs 20 plus, which makes this point even more compelling.


Either way, a big fish here could help seal the deal.

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