"The bridge deal" still working

Greg Hackney mentioned yesterday that he was "surprised the bridge hadn't played out. I'm going under about every one of them there is here and there are boats on every one of them."


"The bridge deal" was a big deal to Paul Elias, who made it in the 12 cut thanks to a 20-pound bag yesterday. He figured that Mike Iaconelli might be back in there today because Elias saw him there Saturday.


It appears that "the bridge deal" is coming up big again today. From BASSTrakk, it appears that both Elias and Iaconelli are fishing around the highway bridge in Dardanelle Bay. Elias found them there in a big way during Tuesday's practice.


"I caught a 25-pound bag in there," Elias said. "I probably could have caught two more 20-pound sacks. Then they raised the water up and it killed it."


Elias discovered the spot was hot again Saturday afternoon. It's not the bridge structure but the riprap banks around it where the fish are holding.


"I left 'em biting, and I probably should have stayed in there a little longer," Elias said.


But he was confident he could go back in there today and catch them, whether anyone else was there or not.


"I figured out a little deal where I can catch them, regardless," he said.


It looks like Iaconelli has figured out something there as well.

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