Big-time flip of a small-time bass

Generally, when you set the hook on a flippin' bite and the fish flies completely over the boat before splashing down on the other side, it's not going to help you win a bass tournament. That's what happened soon after Greg Hackney made a short move down the lake from the stumpy cove where he's been the last hour.


The added time to explore that cove, which has produced some key fish for Hackney this week, didn't produce much after the two good fish he caught on the way in.


After this latest move and the hook-set/flying fish, Hackney caught one that helped by a few ounces. It's hard to guess what Hackney has in the livewell now, but let's try. We know he's got, in his words, "a solid 4-pounder," and, in JO's eyes and mine, a solid 3-pounder. The fish he just culled was a "healthy 2-pounder" (JO's words). That would indicate Hackney has, let's say, three 2 1/2-pounders in the well. So our best guess right now is 14 1/2 pounds.


Hackney just set the hook on another boat-hurdler. That won't help.

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