Zeroes: When Elites come up empty-handed

While we're talking about zeroes, you should know that they're pretty unusual. Most of the Elite anglers will go through the entire season without ever coming to the weigh-in empty-handed, but eventually it gets them all…almost.


Of the anglers who have been in the Elite Series since its 2006 inception, 19 have been skunked only once! In some of those cases, the angler actually had fish in his livewell, but a late penalty or other mishap prevented him from weighing them in. It happened to Aaron Martens on the last day of competition in 2013. He had what might have been the winning catch in his livewell, but a rogue wave put his boat out of commission and he took a zero for the day. That was tough luck, but it still counts as a goose egg.


Is there an angler who has never zeroed in Elite competition?


Yes — just one. Mike McClelland has always managed to bring bass to the scales. Every day he's competed, he's brought in at least one keeper — usually a limit of five.

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