Iaconelli is running and gunning

Unfortunately for us, Mike Iaconelli has "60 or 70 spots within a 10-mile area" of the Delaware River. Many of these are tiny spots that only require a couple flips or casts, then it's on to the next one. It makes for difficult blogging conditions.

But there hasn't been much to blog about for the last 90 minutes. Iaconelli has caught one short fish, so he's stuck on three for 7 pounds.

Iaconelli didn't spend much time in the Schuylkill River, which he hadn't hit all week. Ike has caught some good  smallmouth there over the years, he said. I was looking forward to following him up that river, which winds through the middle of the city. But Iaconelli's instincts have been spot on, and he didn't feel the need stay there.

And, holy cow, now we're back in Woodbury Creek. A lot of gas is getting burned today.

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