BASSTrakk update

True kicker fish have been hard to come by this week as a 4 pound fish has been regarded as a giant. Skeet Reese found the kicker he was looking for after getting a limit earlier in the day. Reese boated a 3 1/2-pounder. He unofficially has 12 pounds and is getting closer to 13. He may be the big mover for the day. Edwin Evers originally jumped from 21st into the Top 5, but he has since stayed with the same weight and fallen to 11th. Reese has jumped from 27th at the start of the day to 5th. We will see how it all unfolds as the "right tide" is starting to come in and fish catches are picking up.


In the last 15 minutes there have been multiple anglers who have boated a 3+ pound fish. That is no coincidence. The tide is directly effecting the fishing and right now it looks to be improving the rate and size of the catches.


The unofficial Top 5 as of 11:15 are Mike Iaconelli, Scott Rook, Bill Lowen, Shaw Grigsby and Skeet Reese. After going the entire morning without a keeper, Kevin Short has boated three pretty quick and is maintaining his 6th place spot. He is only 1 1/2 pounds behind 5th place and still has two fish to fill out his limit.

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