All over but the shoutin'

Don't let anyone tell you that this tournament is not over. It is and was even before the boats launched this morning. Of course, Michael Iaconelli will be the winner. In Elite competition (this is the 80th event) no angler going into the final round with a lead greater than the weight of the tournament big bass has ever lost that lead, and it's not going to happen today. Iaconelli knows the river too well, he understands the tides too well, he has too much desire to win in front of his family and friends and (most importantly) he has too big a lead. The rest of the field is fishing for second place, and anyone who tells you differently doesn't understand Ken's Comeback Rule (a lead greater than the weight of the tournament big bass going into the final round with a five-bass daily limit is safe) and is trying to sell you something.


Why am I telling you this? Because I think this stuff is interesting ... because I think it illuminates tournament analysis and understanding ... because I'm not trying to sell you anything.


Do I expect the other 11 anglers in the finals to lay down and let Ike walk to the trophy? Of course not. They'll be out there doing all they can to close the gap between them and the lead ... and one day it'll happen. One day someone will become the exception to Ken's Comeback Rule. But it won't be today.


The Delaware River Elite event is all over but the shoutin'. But since it's Iaconelli, I'm sure there will be plenty of that. Congratulations, Mike!