Five every time

Coming into the Delaware River event, six anglers had brought a limit to the scales each day they competed in 2014: Brett Hite, Bill Lowen, Jacob Powroznik, Dean Rojas, Randall Tharp and David Walker. Four of them fell by the wayside on Day 1. Rojas had three bass. Powroznik and Tharp had two each. Walker had only one keeper. That left just Brett Hite and Bill Lowen with a chance to go the full season with a limit every day.


Of course, that changed on Day 2 also. While Lowen brought five to the scales yet again, Hite managed just three bass, leaving "The Turtle" as the only angler with a chance to limit every day of the season.


He did it again yesterday with five more keepers in what has been a very impressive season for Lowen.


Historically, catching a limit every day is pretty common through the first half of the season or so. Unless there's an extremely tough fishery in the early mix (e.g., the opener at the Sabine River last year), it's not unusual to have 30 or 35 anglers who have limited every day for the entire first half. But then they'll hit a stumbling block — the Delaware River, Table Rock Lake, Old Hickory Lake — and bunches of anglers stumble and fall off the list.


Some years, no one limits every day they're out there. Other years a couple of guys do it. In 2013, no one accomplished it. The first to do it was Jeff Kriet in 2007. Nine others have done it since, but no one's done it twice. Bill Lowen has a chance to be the 11th Elite angler to do it.

And if he does, he'll have done it the hard way.


Yes, there is a hard way to do it. Usually, there's one tournament every season that knocks guys off this list. Last year it was the Sabine. This year it's the Delaware. If you want to limit every day for the year, the most common (and easiest) way to do it is to catch a couple of small limits on the first two days and miss the cut. That way, you don't have to go out there and get beat up on Days 3 and 4. Of course, no one thinks about it that way, and they shouldn't, but that's how most of the anglers on the "limit every day" list got there; they escaped with just two days on the toughest fishery.


Lowen keeps making the cuts here at the Delaware and keeps walking to the weigh-in stage with five bass. It's impressive, and I hope he can do it again today. If he does, I think the last couple of events this season will be relatively easy for him to limit through. But catching five bass again today on the Delaware is a real test.