Swindle's shorts

So, we're running down lake, looking for leaders, when a bright orange spot appears on the horizon. "I don't know who that is in the orange shorts but you can see him from a mile away," said Bassmaster.com photographer James Overstreet. "Let's go see who that is."


Not surprisingly, it's Gerald Swindle, wearing day-glow orange shorts. Syracuse Orangemen would consider them too bright. We pull up alongside him to ask about his fashion statement. Overstreet calls them "1,000-yard shorts." Somehow they match his bright chartreuse socks. "If you can see these shorts, you're fishing too close," Swindle said. No one is within a mile of him.


 "Are these lucky shorts," I asked him. "They [darn] well better be or I'm coming in naked this afternoon," he quipped. Let us hope he gets a heavy limit.