The signal and the noise...AOY style

Greg Hackney created a little separation for himself yesterday in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race. There's still a lot of fishing left at Cayuga, but he's opened up a 19 point lead over Todd Faircloth, who moved up from fifth place. Mark Davis made a jump, too. He's in third place, but in getting there he only gained a couple of points on Hackney. Don't miss the signal for the noise here. Just because someone moved up or down in the standings doesn't necessarily mean they're closer or farther away from the title. Hackney was yesterday's big winner as far as AOY is concerned. His one point lead is now a 19-point lead. And whereas he led third place by just 12 points before yesterday, he now leads third by 29 points. That's what matters, and all the noise about who moved up or down in the standings is far less important than where they moved in the points. Look at the points column, not the place column.

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