Powroznik upgrades his limit

We returned to the north end of Cayuga where we started, just in time to see Jacob Powroznik boat a good bass. The fish weighs 4 pounds, easy, and it enabled him to cull a 1 1/2-pounder. BASSTrakk had him in fifth with 13 pounds for the day. It has just been updated to show him third with 15 today 35-4 in cumulative weight. We saw him take another fish under 2 pounds out of his live well and look at it, so he has plenty of room to upgrade his weight.


Only a few boats remain in the area where a couple dozen started the day. Powroznik is doing something different and better than the rest. He's pitching his bait to weeds he can see, just a few feet from his boat. He moves the lure with two or three sharp, short twitches of the rod, then he drops the bait back into the whole and ratchets it up again.


When he caught that latest bass, he was easing forward with his trolling motor, pitching ahead of the boat and working each spot for brief spells. After that good bite, he has remained stationary and is milking the weedpatch for all it might be worth.


There are more fish here. As I was typing that, Powroznik went on point, reared back on a rod-bending hook set...and missed. He almost dropped to his knees in disgust. It obviously was a difference-making fish. He pitched back to the same spot, and the fish bit and quickly let go. After two strikes, this bass appears to have learned its lesson. It's not playing Powroznik's game anymore.


Powroznik won the Bassmaster Elite on Toledo Bend and he's definitely one to watch in this competition.