A mild dispute

Randall Tharp is fishing within earshot of Jacob Powroznik. We overheard Tharp ask, "Things are getting right--why aren't they biting better?" We couldn't hear his answer, but it's very likely it involved the encroachment of another angler into Powroznik's space. About that time, the interloper boated a 3 1/2-pounder. Powroznik was not pleased. Tharp pointed out that the other boats hadn't been so close to the area the day before.


Then ensued a lesson in diplomacy you don't always see in these situations. Powroznik trolled over to the fellow Elite--one who is not in contention--and apparently explained that he's got a good shot at winning from the hole. The conversation seemed more rational than emotional from this distance, but it didn't end until Powroznik went to his livewell and showed that he had 16 or more pounds of bass inside. Angler 2 obligingly moved a polite, but not overly so, distance away.


Powroznik now has the area more or less to himself. But I'm sure he's thinking about how much he could have benefited from the 3 1/2 in the other boat.