Mark Davis is on a school

I find an eerie beauty in a thunderstorm going away from me. The low, white clouds appear and the veil of rain lifts, revealing what had been hidden in the downpour. The skies cleared enough for us to see Mark Davis more clearly. We rode out the storm in a boat slip not far away, but we were unable to see Davis boat another keeper bass. We're back on him now, watching him methodically chunking and slowly winding in an area about 12 to 15 feet deep with low-growing grass on the bottom.


No one is around him, although several pros have moved to the shoreline to fish docks.


Davis just wound in another largemouth, this one just big enough to cull a smaller fish in his well. He said he has about 15 pounds so far. That's good news for him. Davis led the Toyota AOY race until the Bassmaster Elite at Philadelphia two weeks ago. A disappointing performance dropped him to seventh in the standings and gave him a lot of ground to make up. He's on a hot spot here. He just hauled in another good bass and culled again. He tossed out a marker buoy to help him maintain his position around this good school of fish.