Lintner's flippin' bite and baits

I got on Jared Lintner's Skeeter and despite his substantial limit, he's not pleased. "Well, I've got one big one (6 1/4) and a few swimmers," he said. "I'm tripping out, man. There are fish swimming all over this place. I saw three bass in practice and now they're everywhere!" Lintner's marshal, Al Volpini, says that this is a very good and somewhat popular area called Red Creek. As we're cruising, we've seen a dozen or so bass just loitering in and around the grass, some weighing 4 pounds. Lintner grabbed a Senko to toss at them, but they're not interested for whatever reason. "They ought to be eating in this stuff," he said. This week with a Jackall Chunk Craw (not available in the U.S. for some reason), a Texas rigged Senko with an Eco Pro Tungsten weight and a Reaction innovations Sweet Beaver, also with a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt. He's using G.Loomis rods and the new Shimano Curado reels, all of which he gets from Tackle Warehouse.

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