Hackney: heading for a win & AOY crown?

According to BASSTrakk, Jared Lintner, Todd Faircloth and Jacob Powroznik are the only anglers that have limits so far. With that being said, Greg Hackney is outpacing everyone else with just four fish. Steve Wright just told us that Hackney swung his third and fourth keepers in the boat and he has more than 16 pounds. Sounds like Hackney is sticking to his plan and figuring out how to get the big bites. He only weighed in four fish yesterday, but for more than 17 pounds. It's impressive how focused he has been and determined to take the AOY crown ... as well as this tournament. It's hard to separate yourself in the AOY standings when one of the next closest anglers is also right behind you on Championship Sunday. 


One thing is for sure is that Hackney has had one of his best seasons to date ... the only way it could be better is adding a win and AOY. Both very doable.

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