Hackney culls up

It had been over two hours since Greg Hackney caught his fifth fish before No. 6 finally bit. It was worth the wait. Hackney guessed that he culled up "about a pound-and-a-half" with 4 1/2-pounder replacing a 3-pounder.


So how much weight does he think he has?


"Time will tell," said Hackney with a smile.


We think he's got at least 20 1/2 pounds, maybe 21.


Hackney's method all day has been making short pitches into the grass in front of his boat, hopping the bait back toward him a few feet, then reel in and pitch again. We think he's fishing a jig with a Strike King Rage Craw trailer, but that's just a guess. Everyone is giving Hackney room to work, and we haven't had a chance to converse for any length.