Faircloth is wrecking 'em

Faircloth is wrecking 'em. He's looking at roughly 21 pounds, including a 3 1/2-pound smallie he just boated. The best part? He's not even trying.

"I'm done for the day. I'm just practicing," he said. He's caught all he cares to catch from this spot and is trying to further pick it apart. He told me that he's had it to himself, and happened across it after wanting to find something beyond the grass patch that so many anglers are plying.

"That spot (the popular one) was really good in practice, and I fished it yesterday and caught a good one, but I just wanted something I could have to myself." He used to, until Scroggins and Jonathon VanDam just eased in. It didn't take Faircloth to pick up the trolling motor and fire up his big Yamaha.