Faircloth taking a run at Hackney

Going back through the photos of Faircloth's day the realization struck me that he's really just one bite away from catching Hackney.


They started ounces apart. I have no idea what BassTrakk has for him, but I think it's possible for him to have as much as 18 pounds at the moment.


Worst-case he has 17 and that's with a 2-pounder in the boat. He's back at the spot he and Zaldain have shared all week, the same one Zaldain caught a 6-plus on and has given up several in the 5-pound plus range.


One of those and this race gets too close to call. Two of those and Hackney has to get rid of his smallest.


Faircloth has caught a 20-pound sack everyday. He's been Mr. Consistency. You almost expect he will do that again.


The big difference is he will be putting more pressure on this honey hole today than in any day previous.

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