Day 1 was huge!

I mentioned yesterday that most of the Cayuga story will be told on Day 1, and I still believe it. A bad day at Cayuga is not something you can bounce back from like you might at a venue with tougher fishing (think Table Rock Lake or the Sabine River) or bigger bass (Falcon or Toho). There are 46 anglers who have between 12-1 and 15-12. That's nearly half the field separated by less than four pounds. Making a big move to get out of that dense knot is going to be very, very tough. I expect that the eventual winner is already in the Top 12. And if you were in the AOY race before yesterday and had a tough day, you have your work cut out for you on Day 2. Aaron Martens dropped almost 60 points to Greg Hackney. Skeet Reese had trailed by 12. Now he's 66 back. For either of them to get back in the hunt, they'll almost certainly need a 20-pound day today.

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