Classic Pink

An underrated Classic story for 2014 is that of Kevin Short, the man who missed a tournament after a tornado destroyed his home. Short has put together a solid year despite the personal setback, and he's poised to qualify for the AOY Championship (and perhaps the Classic) despite fishing a shortened (no pun intended) season. If he can do it, he'll be the first to accomplish the feat since 2006 when Randy Howell, Alton Jones and Kevin VanDam were all disqualified at Santee Cooper but still made it to the Classic. Short's accomplishment, though, is more impressive. Not only did he miss an event through no fault of his own, but he's doing it in a shorter (there it is again) season. There are only eight regular season events this year. There were 11 in 2006. Fewer tournaments means fewer chances to make up for a lost one.

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