Walker graphing today

We've run a good way up the lake following 8 or 9 pros. Most are below Town Creek, but we've seen Bill Lowen, Keith Combs and Steve Kennedy. Kennedy ducked under a bridge and into a small pocket. He stayed for several minutes before throwing up his hands and saying " I don't know what I'm doing!" Sandbagging at its finest. Combs is at the mouth of Sauty Creek flinging a lipless crank bait.


The farther up the lake you go, the fewer Classic pros you find. We just chatted with David Walker in his GEICO Ranger and he said he wasn't doing much fishing today, just lots of graphing. He was boat No. 20 and was easing his way north, looking for new spots. He agrees that the vast majority of the field is further south. We're heading that way. 

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